Sexual habits that cause urinary tract infections

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Pain, burning during urination, cramps in the lower abdomen or back, fever and the urge to urinate recurrently are the main symptoms of urinary tract infections; a condition in which women are more vulnerable due to their anatomy, since the urethra is very close to the vagina and the anus.

In an interview, the Head of the Uro-Gynecology Division of Sao Paulo, Jorge Milhem Haddad, reveals that 50% of women will suffer, at least once in their lives, a urinary infection and 25% of them will suffer from recurrent episodes, (two to three times for every six months).

In the case of men this figure is equal to 60 to 65 years, this is because they begin to have problems with their prostate.

What triggers this condition?

Urinary tract infections occur more frequently in women who begin their sex lives and have regular intimate activity. However, according to the expert Milhem Haddad there are sexual habits that can increase the possibility of an infection. Discover what they are!

1. Potentiated by the use of lubricants.

2. Use the diaphragm as a contraceptive method.

3. Have sex during menstruation.

4. Use of creams with spermicides.

Beyond the belief that sexual relations should be suspended by having a urinary infection, Haddad indicates that it is not necessary. The patient should only consume an antibiotic after intimate activity as part of the same treatment. Do not let it upset your life, prevent

Only the change of some habits will allow you to avoid the appearance of this problem. The expert presents you with some tips that will help you to achieve it:

1. Urine before and after the sexual act. This will keep the canal of your urethra clean.

2. Avoid the constant use of sanitary napkins.

3. Drink two liters of water a day.

4. Do not resist the urge to go to the bathroom.

5. Avoid the consumption of condiments and acidic foods such as orange or grapefruit.

Something you must take into account, says Dr. Milhem Haddad, is that a urinary infection should only be treated when symptoms occur. If it is asymptomatic, all that is achieved is to strengthen the bacteria that causes the damage; however, in cases of pregnant and diabetic women, an exception is made.

Always remember to attend with a specialist so that he / she can identify and treat your health problem in the most correct way. Beware!

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